Security Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing is a cost effective security system.  It is a physical barrier as well as an early warning detection system.

It consists of the physical fence which is connected to an energiser.  Energisers vary in size and strength.  To determine the size of energiser you need, you have to know the distance of your fence, the number of lines of your fence, and the type of wire you will be fencing with.  These aspects determine the overall resistance the energiser will have to cope with.

When an electric fence is wired in series it allows for feedback to be sent to the energiser which will trigger an alarm if the fence has been touched or cut. 

An electric fence can be divided into zones for easy monitoring.

Electric fencing has to be installed by an accredited installer, who has gone for training and passed the relevant tests.



Electric Fencing for animal control

This type of electric fencing can be wired in parallel.  This dramatically increases the distance of fencing you can run from a single energiser.

This type of fencing still needs to be earthed in order for the system to work effectively.

Polywire is a nylon wire rope intertwined with thin strands of steel wire.  This makes the fence visible to animals.  Similarly, Polytape is used for controlling horses.  The tape is broad for better visibility.